Know Me

Thanks to some absurd cosmogenic conundrum,
my late grandpa blessed me with an outlandish name:
Tanumoy Biswas.

Born and brought up in the foothills of the Himalayas,
in a small hamlet-turned-business-hub lying in the serenely divine lap of North Bengal,
a city named Siliguri (read about my place here), near the ‘Queen of Hills’, Darjeeling.

A curious, docile kid who grew up in the ’90s,
then took the form of a wallflower in the adolescent ages,
and finally with adulthood came the flurries of musings and obsessions.

Computer Engineer by degree,
but a Civil Service aspirant by choice.

An unruffled yet unhinged explorer,
who at times can be a total nuisance,
navigating seamlessly
between lunacy and sobriety,
between sensual and sensible,
between romantic and realistic.

A silent observer, but a smooth operator.

Presently residing in the microcosm of India,
the place where dreams are made of desires and fears,
where discourse is secret, rules are absurd, and perspectives are deceitful,
and everything conceals something else.
Yeah right, Delhi it is.

Well, more about me…
I’m no master of words; nor do I have a powerful name.

I just pen down my thoughts, my visions, my reflections.
Sometimes they end up being soliloquies of a curious mind.
And sometimes, they are nothing but ramifications of a nomad.

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names.
As names have power, words have power.
Words can light fires in the minds of men.
Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”
(Patrick Rothfuss)


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    • Really glad to connect with you.
      All the effort in the world won’t matter if we’re not inspired. And I believe it’s we ourselves who inspire each other, no matter wherever we are, in this pale blue dot called ‘our planet’.
      Cheers! 🙂

    • SoundEagle agrees with soumyav, and would like to thank you for liking and commenting on SoundEagle’s About page as follows:

      You have such a great blog! Thanks for dropping by mine. 🙂

      Happy June to you!

  1. Ah, another nomadic soul upon this transitory journey. Glad to have crossed paths, Tanumoy. The kind words you left for me makes perfect sense now — they only reflect the ‘humane’ heart in you. I’ve read your tribute to Mothers, and it speaks louder than mere words. Thank you, for visiting me and leaving your thoughts there. I am touched!
    And, I wish you and your pen the very best… Hoping to cross paths again.

    • That was really overwhelming! The feeling is mutual actually.
      I strongly believe that every being inspire each other in some way or the other. And without inspiration, neither the mind works nor the heart beats.
      So, wishing the best for you as well. And our pens shall make this place we call our ‘home’ more humanely inhabitable. Cheers! 🙂

  2. You were born in the Himalayas, are living in Bengal and yet your writing is near flawless English, while your phrasing paints beautiful pictures with ease. Most Americans do not write with your ability. If I could read and understand Hindi I wonder if your soliloquies would sound the same in my head.

    • Humbled greatly. Well, I wasn’t exactly born in the Himalayas, but in the northern part of Bengal, the place of Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray. So, the thoughts reverberate more in ‘Bengali’ than in any other form. So, trust me… you would have enjoyed it more if you could read the Bengali clouds in my mind. And Bengali is considered one of the sweetest languages and is quite easy to grasp. Hindi, yes… that is another language which is as rich as any other. 🙂
      And really overwhelmed by your encouraging words. Keep visiting.
      Good day. 🙂

  3. Mmm. I really like this introduction. You sound like a fascinating person I’d love to meet in “real life.” Your quote from Socrates is the essence of my life…

    • Ah! That was such a sweet thing to say. The feeling is mutual actually. 🙂

      And yes, that quote has a very powerful and profound impact on my life, and likewise you, and many others. He did nail it with that one, ages ago.
      Glad to connect with you. Cheers! 🙂

  4. Hey Tanumoy.. i think you know very well playing with words 🙂 beautiful selection of words n with same grace you have explained yourself, ur work n ur aspirations…keep it up!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  5. Not a master of words, eh? I highly doubt this claim. Best “about the author” ever. Thanks for subscribing. You, mister, have also just gained another subscriber. 🙂

    • Ah, The Blackout Poetess! Thou honour me greatly with thy footprints on the meek shores of my web log! 🙂
      Really humbled by the words of appreciation from your side. Your poetry, I must admit, is very progressive and amusing. I liked the way you present them.

      Glad to connect with you. Keep visiting. Cheers! 🙂

      • Dear Tanumoy,

        No, its not restricted from my side but somehow it has happened and unable to fix that. Anyway you just ignore and cancel it.
        Wonderful to connect with a versatile blogger like you.

        • Onek dhonnobaad, sir. 🙂
          Your blog is a wonderful place to be, with some mesmerizing photos of places travelled and the stories they relate.
          Trying to get better with your blessings. Take care. 🙂

        • Dear Tanumoy,
          Thanks for your appreciation.
          Having interest in Travel and Photography, all these are now my time passing medium. It gives me pleasure to see that people from all corners of the world visits and enjoy the posts. Its all b’cose of your appreciations and supports.
          God may bless you and get your aspirations fulfilled soon. All the best to you.

        • Thank you sir for your blessings.
          Best wishes to you for more such travels and photographic stories so that we may enjoy the beauty that you capture so well. Take care. 🙂

    • Hahah! Now, do I take the ‘movement and colour’ as a compliment or as a suggestion to reduce it? 😛

      And thank you so much for the appreciation. Really glad to connect with you. 🙂

  6. Oh,- you have the gift of words all right 🙂 and believe it or not – looking at your top frame I decided that you’d have to be a data technician of some kind. (Got that right!) 🙂
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Unfortunately I’ve been struck with data trouble and things are moving a bit slow, but once I get the upper hand again, things will return to normal publishing something every week.

    • Greetings, sir! So glad to connect with you. 🙂
      Well yeah, like I mentioned in this section, I hold a Major in Software Engineering… so, that pretty much makes up the ‘data technician’ part of me. 😀

      I have to admit you have a fabulous blog, like a dream almost! Eagerly awaiting your new posts, sir. Will look forward to seeing more exotic parts of Norway and learning about the Norwegian culture. It’s a treat reading your posts!
      Keep visiting. 🙂


  7. I love this introduction to you……….. What passing through has left us without the words I love…….what sweet release reminds us still to home. Beautiful……..truly beautiful. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • Thank you so much! I’m stupefied, bedazzled and overwhelmed beyond all right now! Can’t find the right words to express my gratitude for this honour. 🙂

      And I’m little bit confused abut what I should do with the award, since it’s the 1st time. So, trying to follow your post. 😛
      *muffled shrieks of ‘help help’*

  8. This is a great introduction….nicely written and interesting. Hope you have a wonderful and beneficial journey here in the blogosphere!

    • Thank you so much! It’s a treat to have you here in my blog, and the mutual symbiotic flow of thoughts among all of us here makes this ‘blogosphere’ (I really liked that word :-P) a great place to be. Keep visiting. Cheers! 🙂

  9. Congratulations on your first award, Tanumoy! Indeed a well deserved one.
    Ah, and, I shall have some space made on my bookshelf now, for I truly believe that one day I shall have the honour of displaying a book authored by you.
    This is my sincere wish for your pen.
    Stay shining, Nomadic knight!

    • Awww! *faints*
      *peeps to read it over and over again*
      I’m speechless right now. Can’t find enough words to describe how happy I felt after reading your words… Is this a dream? Am I alive? Am I in Paradise? Or, did the Almighty just sent a seraph to cast a magical spell around me?
      You just infused a different spirit into my soul. I can’t thank you enough how inspired and overwhelmed your words made me. I just can’t!
      Thank you, the Silent Poetess, the Bard (Bird too) of All Seasons! And like a colourful bloom of temporary lights in the sky… we will shine! 🙂

      • Lol.. Ofcourse you are in Paradise sweet soul! Who do you think are all these angels, seraphs, and cherubs here — above and below you? 😉
        I on the other hand am just a simple messenger with the message I delivered, Sahib!
        And, chaar k chaar paas hogai.
        *hands over the full bottle*
        Stay smiling!

    • Thank you so much! *all smiles*
      It’s a treat to have such an artist and explorer like you here. Your blog is a goldmine of classy thoughts! Glad to connect with you. 🙂

      Best wishes

    • Thank you so much Michael for the kind words 🙂
      It’s a treat to have you here. You have an inspiring blog. You’re doing great service to mankind. And congrats for the recent award. Let’s shine on! 🙂

      • Thanks a lot for your very inspiring words. I am really encouraged to do more. I hope God will give me the wisdom to do much more. But i really thank God for the achievements so far. Thanks to wonderful visitors like you 🙂 …. Congratulations on your well deserved award. Keep up the good work and Shine on brother 🙂

  10. Hi Tanumoy, thank you for visiting my blog. I love yours, it’s a really inspiring collection of words and images. Keep it up, I’m looking forward to reading and following more. Thank you.

    • Greetings! 🙂
      It’s a pleasure to connect with you. And thank you for the kind words of appreciation. I must admit, yours is quite a vibrant blog with some lovely write-ups. Will surely try my best to make your stay around my web log a cozy one. 🙂

      Best wishes

  11. i have never come across such a simple yet beautiful description of oneself before… which shows how beautiful the person himself must be…. 🙂

  12. Boss, your words are true insight of your thoughts… and believe me, they are just as soothing to the mind as to the heart. They inject the feel of peace in this forever winding planet.
    Take my bow, and my love… Keep going and may your journey keep on growing like your visions…

    • I cannot thank you enough, Jayeet! 🙂
      You are one person who has constantly been a supportive figure and a pillar to hold onto during times of cognitive rigidity. Your kind words have always inspired me to get better, and I can only wish that you have all the happiness in the world. Good souls like yours are a rarity today! It’s a gift to have you here, my friend. Cheers! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and spending some time here. I promise to make it cozier ever more. 🙂
      Your posts speak of how great your thoughts are, and I’m just spellbound. It feels great to connect with you. And yes, I believe music and pictures make our thoughts clearer when words may fail sometimes. Keep visiting. 🙂

      Best wishes

  13. you have a wonderful gift of words that paint pictures of your thoughts within your journey…I will enjoy wandering through ….
    Take Care…

  14. Very Impressive intro, and blog. I am glad we have crossed path Tanumoy Biswas.
    The post you have published In Search of a Requiem automatically played in the background and I am glad it did, as I was searching for a good start for today 🙂
    I am so taken away by the depth of your journey.
    All the Best

    • Greetings, Madame Gypsy… the Nomadic Soliloquist heartily welcomes you here. It’s a pleasure to know that you read my humble posts and that they reached the core of you. That’s a treat indeed and inspiring as well! You have a great blog as well, your words seem to flow directly from your soul. And that I admire greatly. 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words, and I hope to make many mornings beautiful for you.
      Best wishes

  15. T’moy…

    So happy for you…You have got so many compliments already so, do not know whether my this comment will be visible to you somewhere or not.

    Saying it a ‘great work’ would just be an understatement. As a writer myself, I have hardly been able to pen down my thoughts in this elite yet captivating way…Hats off!! 🙂 All the thumbs up for you!! 🙂 In front of your words, mine would stand nowhere so, I better put a pause here. All the best!!

    • Aha! Miss NJ is here! And that means my blog has acquired ‘regal’ status now. You know I can’t thank you enough for all the kind words you poured me with. So silence is the best tribute I can give to you… hoping you can set the tune of the silence, and know exactly how happy I am… that you were here, that you spent some time, and that your presence makes the journey a soothing one. Best wishes to you too, have a great career ahead and a happy life too! Cheers! 🙂

  16. Thank you for the blog following, I really do appreciate it. I am delighted to be following your blog, what beautiful music it is playing on this page….it is really touching my heart, I LOVE IT!! Thank you for sharing, I know I will love your posts. Clarabelle

  17. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Tanumoy-I like your name, by the way. Thank you for the visit and the follow. I’ll be coming back for me, as well.


    • Ah, thank you so much Dulcinea! And you have such a lovely refreshing name too… unique and sweet! Glad to have you here. Will await your visits. 🙂

      Best wishes

  18. well well well O nomadic spirit what a wonderful web you weave through your words. Loved the page but more than that the feel that it brought with it.

    • Ah, thank you Shivani! You are too kind with your words! Really happy that you enjoyed your stay here, and will hope that more of such happen. It’s a pleasure to connect with you and your blog is a lovely place to be. Have a gorgeous weekend. Cheers! 🙂

  19. Hello! Thank you for dropping by my blog and following it too! 🙂 It’s very much appreciated! For someone who claims not to be a “master of words”, this “Know Me” page of yours is quite awesome!!

    I’ll poke around a bit on your blog soon too!

    • Hahah! My claim is an honest one. It’s only because of lovely souls like you who keep visiting and add the charm to my blog. Glad to connect with you, and will await your ‘pokes’ earnestly. Have a great weekend ahead. Cheers! 🙂

  20. You are so interesting! Such an awesome way to put up about your own self. Loved the intro and in fact, the entire blog.

    • Ah! You overwhelm me Hira, with your kind words! 😛

      Greetings and welcome! Glad to have you here. And will try my best to make this place more enjoyable for you. 🙂

      Best wishes

      • And know that every time I login to wordpress, I go through your blog, read, and just one word: EXCELLENT. I guess, even excellent is an understatement. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. I so want to come to India and meet you. You are an exceptionally amazing writer. My wish-list includes the meet-up from now onward, yes!
        Oh dear, I have been fallen in the words jotted down here!

        • Now what do I say! *dancing like a 5-year old kid* 😀

          Do you know how much of peace and joy you bring with yourself whenever you visit my humble corner? Shubhan’Allah!

          Meet-up… ABSOLUTELY! It’s on my high-priority list now. You have to! 😛
          And I shall wait for you, with a placard in my hand saying: “Hey! Hey! This is ME! This ME! The blogger-neighbour!” *extra-excited*

          *calms down, pats his forehead, embarrassed at his outburst of excitement*

  21. Thank you for coming to my blog. When I saw yours, I was awed, really! You are truly a master of words and also at developing your blog! This is one of the most attractive blogs I have come across so far!
    Gonna follow your blog to read the stories of a ‘neighbour’ citizen. Happy Blogging!

  22. Wow! You mentioned that you are not a master of words… but I understand that you are very great with words. Nice to know about you. Many thanks to you for visiting and following my blog. I’m glad to be here… would love to read your blog posts. I’ll come again.

    • Ah, you humble me with your kind words of appreciation. Thank you, and I cordially welcome you to my humble corner. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

      And I’ll wait eagerly for more of your visits. Happy weekend. 🙂


    • Thank you so much… you make the heart much lighter with your kind words. Welcome to my humble corner, and I hope that you feel cozier here with every visit. Happy weekend. 🙂


    • Thank you so much, for your words of appreciation! It’s a pleasure to have you here… and must admit, your photography skills and the stories you weave are beyond all praise. Glad to connect with you. Cheers mate! 🙂

  23. I am a watcher and a thinker too. Between us, I hope we will carry on a long meaningful conversation, in which the words flow with no sound, but softly on angels’ wings. Namaste, Tanumoy.

  24. Hello Tanumoy,

    I have been most delinquent in acknowledging your box of chocolates…Please accept my apologies…I will not be able to pass these along due to a serious time crunch. Yet I wish to take the time to let you know how much it means to me that you share your wonderful thoughts and visit my blog. I consider myself a novice and a pale color to your vibrant words and creativity. I learn and grow each time I stop by your site and thank God for our paths crossing. You are a blessing in my journey. Namaste, mary

    • My dear Mary,
      Know this true: even I get baffled when I receive the awards, and so find the sweetest ones around me to pass the gifts to them. It is the sharing which matters, words and posts are not sought for at all… for the heart is what I seek for, not alphabets… the awards are for the heart to keep, not for words to show… 🙂

      So, it’s absolutely ok on my side. We are all here learning from each other, and I love reading your words as much as you enjoy mine. Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation… stay blessed. Namaste, Tanumoy. 🙂

    • Hello Akanksha… it’s a pleasure to have you here. Really happy to know that you enjoyed your stay here, and will try my best to make your visits cozier every time. Cheers! 🙂


  25. Good to Meet you Tanumoy! I offer gratitude to you for stopping by my blog and following. I am glad as well that it led me to your blog. I look forward to poking around and reading… it is intriguing! I look forward to reading your words and I hope you find something worthwhile over at my place. Many Blessings!

    • Greetings! It’s a pleasure to have you here. And thank you for the lovely words. I’ll wait eagerly for your visits and your ‘poking’ around my blog. And yes, I enjoy being in your blog too… 🙂


  26. I should have come here instead of asking all those questions 🙂
    Very nice ‘about page’ you have here.
    And I am so glad to know that you are from Siliguri. I have been lucky enough to pass through there on my way to Bhutan via Darjeeling.

    That was one trip I enjoyed very much. I guess it’s a small world after all.

    Keep amusing us with your ‘affection’. 🙂

    • Oh wow! You’ve been to my place! *jumps like a schoolkid*
      How fascinating! Indeed it’s a tiny world, this world! Who knows you might have seen me walking by you!
      I did my engineering from the lap of Himalayas… from a college in Sikkim — it’s the neighbouring hilly state to Bengal. The roads bifurcate to the two routes — Darjeeling and Sikkim — at a point called Sevoke. And hills have always charmed me… glad you enjoyed your visit to Bhutan. Wonderful place!

      And, I’ll keep showering my ‘exotic affections’, as long as you promise to be there for the journey… 😉

  27. Well, this is a hell of a blog…
    Amazing layout and I like the posts.
    Aur, intezaar karnay kii zarurat nahi hai. Exams khatam ho gaye hai.

  28. Dooode….that must be the sexiest yet understated About Me I have ever read. You have a great mastery over words. If you don’t follow Memoirs of a Dragon, I highly suggest a look. Your sentence structures are mirror images of each other. Best!

  29. Hi, and thanks so much for stopping by and liking my post. It’s so nice to meet you. I’m enjoying reading from your great blog and have pushed the follow button. I’m looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    • Greetings! It’s a pleasure to meet you here and connect with you… you have such a delicious blog that I couldn’t resist liking it! Will be dropping by your blog every now and then to satisfy my appetite. 😛

      Best wishes

  30. Hey there, Person-with-a-name-history-similar-to-mine! 😀
    Thank you for the follow. I saw your name in the list of aspiring bloggers somewhere, and wondering how have I missed you altogether? Reading your introduction just made me realize I had been unfortunate for weeks! 😛 You’re so amazing, and this ‘About me’ provided a whole insight into one hell of creativity that you withhold inside you. The photography was amazing, kasam se! 😀 I wouldn’t say why, but it is always pleasant to see people from the subcontinent. You can use urdu/hindi words and they won’t mind. 😉
    Hope to see you around. Honestly, you’re one big talent blob! 😉

    • Hahahahah!!! I laughed for a whole 5 minutes after I read this… then sat calmly, and admired the excitement that adorned each word you wrote.
      Shukriya Mohtarma, aapne toh dil jeet liya humara! (Yes, Hindi is so sweet to write! Urdu, I’m weak. 😛 ) Humare paas toh koi alfaaz bache hi nai… *bow*
      Well, to say it in short: Hell yeah! You are one Fabulous person here! It’s a pleasure to connect with you… and I’m intrigued to know more and more of you as our journey through the blogosphere carries forward! 🙂

      (And you are a Virgo, right? 😉 )

      • Lol, and now its my time to grin. 😀
        Never mind the conflict. They’re spoken in the same context. 😉 And after watching specific ‘shuddh’ Hindi serials, especially ‘Adaalat’, I may as well add Hindi to the languages I can understand and speak, rating 3/5 😉
        Bowing won’t work. Get me food! 😀 B-)
        Someone’s being praised – Wait, its me! 😀 Oh sure, and I must say, you won’t find a bigger chatterbox than me, ANYWHERE! 😉 That’s the title I brag, proudly! 😉

        Oh yes 😀 The only thing charming about this zodiac is that Virgoans are pretty people 😀 How about you?

        • Hahahaha Bas! 😀 Apne aap ko exclude na karo, khud bhi badi cheez hain aap 😛

          Oh, sahi batao? 😀 Biryani khila sakte hain toh khila dein 😀 Haaye, I love that thing! *_*
          What’s special at your place though? 🙂

          Hi-five! 😀 Perfectionist kaise? ^_^ Zyada handsome hain kya? 😀

        • Hahahah! Hum toh fakir hain bas… usse zyada nai. 🙂

          Ah, Biryani is my favourite too! Come over, we can devour on as many plates of biryani you want! Waise aap ke liye khaas ‘kheer’ bhi rahega… 🙂

          Nai ji, handsome toh hu nai… jaisa photo mey hai, waisa hi hu… ‘perfectionist’ as in everything I do: it should be ‘perfect’. 🙂

        • Uff!
          Itni humbleness dekh kar mai behosh ho jaungi 😀

          Yay! 😀 Kheer is awesome too! (Y) Afsos, mujhe khud itna kuch banana nahi aata… :3

          Hayyeee, why do you chase something which can never be attained? :3 Although I devour my stance as, ‘Chase perfection, and you’ll meet brilliance and excellence along the way’. 😉

        • Haha! Aisi behoshi kabhi kabhi achcha hota hai… 😉

          Well, it’s not about ‘chasing perfection’, it’s the things you learn in the process rather. Quoting your words back, “… you’ll meet brilliance and excellence along the way”. 😉

  31. Hi Tanumoy! Thank you so much for following my blog! Your blog seems really great and inspiring! I loved your latest post on autism and will be looking forward to reading more!

    • Ah, thank you so much Elina! How nice to have you here! And loved your blog too… sweet little place to be there. Glad that you loved the Autism post — an issue that should be addressed by all.

      Well, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Will try to make your stay cozier with your every visit. Looking forward to your posts too. Cheers! 🙂

  32. Four in the morning — and no particular reason. My heart just felt like visiting this magical world of yours… to sit in silence… to savour its ‘spell’…. From Mathematics to Satyajit Ray to Tagore to Autism to Football to Miracles to Secrets to “who-knows-what-more-multifarious-offerings”…. Huzoor, you inspire my ink and pen to no end!
    Onek dhonnobaad!

    *a yet-to-be-beautiful soul remembers the only words it’s taught by a not-so-beautiful-soul*

    • Three in the dead of night — and I’m sitting here, bemused, rather amused… still wondering (like I did the whole day), how you come up with such surprises! Surprises, which are as tender as the first touch of a newborn… Surprises, which are as charming as a newlywed’s shy blush… Surprises, which are as refreshing as a dewdrop on an early morning flower bud… Tell me O Sahiba, how… how do you do it… every time?

      *beauty is temporary, soul is permanent… which she does possess, beautifully*

    • Aww, thank you so much Amy! It’s a pleasure to connect with you. Looking forward to know more of your thoughts, and hoping to make your stay cozier with every visit here. Cheers! 🙂


  33. Thanks for connecting! I really enjoy the music you have in your bloggy. I’d like to do it for myself… Any tips? *lol*

    I have a dear friend, Faith, who is currently working over your way with a Not-for-Profit organisation. She regularly posts some fantastic status updates on her facebook page about her work. I’ll see if it is okay that I post her blog link in here. 🙂

    I’d love to visit Siliguri. I have not yet been to India. I travelled to Indonesia and Malaysia — both beautiful countries with lovely landscapes and culture.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Miss Lou

    • Ah, it’s a lovely feeling indeed to have you here… your words have so much of excitement! 😀

      Well, you just need to Add a ‘Text widget’, and paste the ’embed code’ of the music (one you want to play) from SoundCloud there. The music will play in your blog after that. I’m ready to help you with this in whatever ways I can. 🙂

      It’s so nice to know of your friend Faith… would love to connect with her, and know of her work… and if I may, help her in some way or the other… Do feel free to post her blog. 🙂

      Ah, you must visit India… it’s a wonderful place… known for its vibrancy and the varieties of culture, cuisine and landscape… it’s a subcontinent! And I’ll definitely take you to Siliguri once you reach here, it’s a lovely little town near the hills. *excited* 🙂


      • Thanks very much for the advice in relation to playing music. Will the same thing work with an embedded You Tube Song? I’ll need to have a look through sound cloud and see what I can come up with. I do have an account, but do not use it very much!

        I haven’t been able to touch base with faith yet, but as soon as I do, I will let you know 🙂

        Thanks again for your help

        Miss Lou

        • Great choice of music! Yay! 😀
          I guess there’s a problem with Youtube that it won’t start playing automatically. So SounCloud is always the favourable option. 🙂

          Always a pleasure! It’s a treat to bring a smile on your face.

    • Ah! Glad to have you here. Well, since you haven’t been to my part of the world, what about a visit down to this place? *tempting her*
      I can guarantee you, it shall be an experience of a lifetime. 😉

      Have a good day!

  34. Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a really nice place here. I read through some of your writings – you write with a lot of heart. It was very enjoyable to read. Keep up the good work!

    • Ah, thank you so much! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Hoping to make your stay cozier with every visit.

      Well, about my writing, I just pour out the first thought that strikes me, and it goes on with the flow. Really glad you enjoyed them. 🙂


  35. Thank you so much for being on my blog and letting me have the privilege to discover yours! 🙂
    I feel glad to come across a wonderful blogger like you, and more because I feel very good when I meet Bengali writers in this blogging world! 🙂
    And yes, one more thing, I don’t find your name outlandish at all! 😀

  36. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog Thoughts and Sundry Things! You’ve got some excellent stuff here. I look forward to reading more!

    • Hahaha! Having you here is such fun, Amira. Thank you so much, and I humbly ask of you to allow me some time (as you so very well know) to tackle all the formalities. Cheers! 🙂

  37. The more I am learning this world the more I am convinced that there is someone above who wants all of us to get connected with each other.

    I love your way of saying things in the simplest manner. I believe words should come from the heart, only then it can reach other’s heart. You are capable to do that magic with your words.
    Good luck, and I’m glad that now I’m too a part of your world.
    Be happy, be inspired & be blessed

    • Your words reflect your superior wisdom and understanding of the human heart. It’s a quality not many possess these days. Really glad to have you here… you add an enriching presence for the soul. And you are too kind with your compliments… I hope I can get better with every attempt I make here.
      Regards and best wishes. 🙂

  38. Hi there,
    I just wanted to drop by and say thanks you for choosing to follow me on and to let you know that it’s really appreciated. I’ve followed you back, by the way. Great blog.
    Wishing you all the best

    PS I’m on Twitter {} and Facebook at {}. You’d be very welcome if you fancy joining in.

  39. Thank you for stopping by me and connecting 🙂 It was really nice to meet you and discover your beautiful blog! You have much to say and you are a great thinker.
    Namaskar! 🙂

  40. Hi Tanumoy, just dropping by to say that I love your blog, your writing style, your sensitivity, observations and insight. Pleasure to discover your work. 🙂

  41. This is not about thanking you for visiting my blog or following it.
    It is about my reverse straying into yours.
    Your mind, if i may say so, without sounding patronizing, has a curiously beautiful architecture in the subtle, profound and exquisite thoughts that emerge from it — are you a poet without knowing it? All in all, intriguing and wonderful — let me then follow you.

  42. I so enjoy getting to read your blog posts and seeing you appear in my Reader. Each and every day the writing community here at WordPress is an inspiration to me. I have nominated you for the very fun Super Blog Award! You can find the link below to claim your award. Thank you for being part of my WordPress life and I am looking forward to all the writing we will all share in the future! 🙂

  43. Hi there! I chanced upon your blog as I wanted to see whether my own blog still exist or not – well, let me explain, I have a blog ‘Nomadic Monologue’, was quite prolific between 2007-11 and wish to revive the blog once again. Very nice reading about you, I am sure I will follow your posts from now on. Keep writing and you are great in weaving your thoughts with words. Best wishes!! Also, do read my old posts and send me your comments, I need motivation to be regular at writing.

  44. Wow, your writing is amazing. I love the way you use your words. I’m excited to read more and find out more about your life, thoughts, poems, and everything else.

  45. Was just browsing through and i came across your blog..!!!
    Wonderfully done.. !!
    I have just read your intro and I am in awe..!!!
    Looking forward to read the complete blog..!! 🙂
    Till then.. Cheers..!!! 🙂

  46. Hey there! Your blog is one of the best blogs I have visited in recent times. Believe me, I too hold some form of degree in Computers but I can’t do what you have done with your blog 🙂
    And you’re a master of words alright. But I guess modesty does become you 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad I could connect with yours. Looking forward to read more from you.

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