The Magician & The Musician

“There are times when the truth can only show you an illusion.” 
(Lionel Suggs)

Music is the purest form of magic. Magic is the deepest essence of music. The romance between the two is legendary. While music is our refuge, magic becomes our resurrection. There is no flow sleeker than music and no law stronger than magic. Both have survived the rise and decline of countless civilizations… both are unbound by time and space, or atoms and cells… both defining life and existence, uniquely and fervently.

The truest lie is magic, the loudest silence is music.
A magician and a musician, both estranged by destiny and separated by distance, feel connected to each other through the invocation of their respective spells – magic and music. A series of Haikus and two cinematically emotive instrumentals attempting to create such an atmosphere of invocation:



The silence flowing,

A quail finds its way softly

Through the underwood.


Cloaked in his power,

Surrounded by magic light —

He stands surefooted.


Trembling and mumbling,

Her eyes roll to the heavens —

Soft piano speaks.

Motionless and keen,

Tools of phantasm sit waiting,

For their master’s call.


Lazy wet beach shells —

A sandpiper’s lost ballad,

Of dulcet footprints.

Crystals of mojo,

Infinity on his brow —

Eldritch remembrance.


Lyrical raindrops

Beckon her to melody,

Of clarinet dreams.

The applause dissolves;

His eyes hunting memories —

Cosmic hide-and-seek.


Bulbuls bring tidings:

Her strings vibrant, wishing for



A chime of church bells

Across the snowy grainfield —

A shooting star glides.



Copyright © 2012-2013 Tanumoy Biswas and The Nomadic Soliloquist. All Rights Reserved.

56 comments on “The Magician & The Musician

  1. Often I wonder if the Internet had not been established, will I ever discover all the magic and music scattered in the world? Perhaps, I could. But it will take a lifetime of searching through travels.
    Today, I sit in front of the computer and do all that from my small space on Earth, connected to almost anyone on the Net. What a relief!
    You always inspire not only the mind, but most specially the heart, if that is really possible. 😀
    Therefore, I nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please get the badge at and get more info. Please continue the inspirations coming. Have a magical and musical day!

    • Phew! You have been too generous with your gifts. Humbled and elated at this nomination! I gleefully accept it. Thank you once again. 🙂

      And that was truly a wonderful thought you expressed. Much admired. 🙂

      • How this comment escaped me till this time confuses me. Sorry. 😦
        I still have two left to work out. I really want to share your gifts to as many bloggers as possible. I want them to feel how appreciative I am of what you bestowed on me.
        Much thanks and much inspired. 🙂

  2. There are imaginings for which there are no words — feelings beyond ability (or time) to tell. You take us there and we are never the same. Thank you for this beautiful journey into the world that only hearts know — the silence caught between sighs. Beautiful, my friend. ~ Much love always, Bobbie

  3. Haunting melody. Meditative, like an awakening. I also liked your poem. I had trouble deciding which part was my favorite, it was all magical, but I liked “Eldritch remembrance” the best in the end. A beautiful interlude in my busy day with three small children. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful poetry and soothing music. What a great combination! The magician and the musician take us to the greatest heights. Thank you!

    • Thank you! It really did inspire. I was listening to these tunes, when suddenly this idea sprang up… and I thought, ‘why not write it down!’ Thus was born this baby. 🙂

  5. I await your posts, for they go deeper to my very core. Loved it and every tiny bit of it. You never cease to amaze me with your writings, your thoughts and your ever-changing roles of a knight to the majestic lion to the charmer. Your world my dear friend is very addictive…

    • And you always bring that smile from some corner, almost seamlessly… your visits here are as delightful as the first rain. Thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments. 🙂

  6. “Lyrical raindrops
    Beckon her to melody,
    Of clarinet dreams.

    Motionless and keen,
    Tools of phantasm sit waiting,
    For their master’s call.”

    Oh, you’ll make me a lover of Haiku yet, with little gems like these.
    And please consider this post ‘loved’, WP won’t let me ‘like’ it. *smiling still from our earlier conversation*

    • Ah, thank you so much, sir… and know this, technically your ‘like’ has reached this post, I just checked… so ‘liked’ as well as ‘loved’, wow! *bliss, of both conversation and appreciation*


  7. “Trembling and mumbling,
    Her eyes roll to the heavens —
    Soft piano speaks.”

    If words could create music, then you are one of the finest musicians!
    If poetry were spells, you are one of the greatest wizards!

    Keep penning! You spread boundless joy, my friend!

  8. music and magic..
    once can never know when both superimpose each other..
    though concept is different but result is indistinguishable..

    Music and magic both are our escape valves
    take us to a secret place to hide
    from the crap of world that keeps us trapped outside

  9. Hello there!
    Just wanted to stop by and say I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blog Award!
    Also wrote something under your blog link to say thanks 🙂
    I hope you like it!
    – Thay

  10. My knight…

    Hi there I have nominated you for “Wordpress Family Award….”

    Please find the information on the below link if you choose to accept the award nomination.

    Thank you for being a part of my world and sharing yours with me.


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