End it like Beckham

“There is no real ending.
It’s just the place where you stop the story.”
(Frank Herbert)

The first time when the real meaning of ‘male appeal’ evolved in our generation was the moment when we saw him on-and-off the field, we heard him in TV shows, and we became his ardent fan. You simply could never scorn this fellow, no matter whichever club/team he plays for, whatever product he endorses, or whether he can still bend that ball or score from the halfway line.

’Cause he is the one, the only, the ‘David Beckham’.

“Veni, vidi, vici”
There can’t be a better tagline for him, ever.
A poem as a tribute to the talismanic football wizard as he bids farewell to the game:

The day is over, the battle is done,

A star bids adieu with a career like none.
A true knight he was, smiling through all storms
Who left as legacy his many magical forms.

Heroes should be flawed, 
For which the fans ever applaud;
And so appeared this man,
Like a model of God’s coherent plan.

For this adopted football son
Became a nation’s prince and number one,
Whose mere inclusion on the sheet
Could set the world defences in retreat.

A soccer man to a global brand
A darling ace in every land,
Who made a weapon of his right foot
And a charm that could warmly loot.

He was the first in any age
To have his mark on the front page,
And keeps us millions on our toes
When that ball for his kick bellows.

Madrid, LA, Paris, or Milan: 
A catwalk career, a special one!
But Manchester forever holds him dear
Among many greats of yesteryear.

The day is over, the battle is done
The sun shall set down the horizon.
But none shall deny nor shall slam
That no one ends it quite like Beckham!


Watch David Beckham’s emotional farewell here.
Read about David Beckham’s career in numbers here.


• First Englishman to win league titles in four different countries (England, Spain, USA, France).

• First England player to score at three World Cups.

• First British footballer to play 100 Champions League games.

• Has the joint-second most goal assists in European Championship finals history.

• Third in the Premier League’s all-time assist provider chart, with 152 assists in 265 appearances.

• First England player ever to collect two red cards and the first England captain to be sent off.

16 comments on “End it like Beckham

  1. I’m not a football fan, but who could not be aware of David Beckham. I have read about him in newspapers and magazines, have seen him interviewed, and seen recaps of his amazing performances on the field. A great tribute to a great man. ~ Dennis

  2. Beckham was a great player. not the best by far, but he was good on the pitch, and knew how to cultivate a marketable self-image. He will be missed by the English and international footballing community. All the best luck to him.

    – HalfEatenMind

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