Copa del Affray!

“Justice isn’t about fixing the past;
it’s about healing the pasts future.”
(Jackson Burnett)

“Violent end to Spanish Cup as Atlético Madrid beat Real Madrid for the first time since 1999,” read the news.

Further: “José Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo were both sent off as Real Madrid lost a dramatic, bad-tempered Copa del Rey final to Atlético Madrid – the first time they had been beaten by their city rivals in 26 games, and in their own stadium too.”

An after-thought penned down as a small verse, fueled by the animated cup finale performance by my beloved club:

José and Madrid: Yes, you deserve this defeat,

For Blancos’ good and some ‘special’ egoistic grit;
Now please don’t come up with anymore press shit,
Cause the fans have had enough, so just flush it!

Saint Iker, your steerage the team greatly needs,
Without you they are, but a bunch of raging kids.
Come new season and whoever the club thrivingly bids,
Hala Madrid” shall be back, with Zizou’s guiding steeds.


Copa del Rey 2013 final: As it happened.

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