Dessert Served Warm: “Super Sweet Blog Award”!


Dated: 2-JUNE-2013 (1st)

Ok! So this is sweet and funny!

“Hi, my friend. Your posts always make me feel like going for a degree in English Language,” said Michael, while sending this lovely gift on a hot afternoon. Well, I wish I was an English Major too! Alas, I’m not! 😀

So, meet Michael Monday. Educationist. Adviser. Business Management Specialist. Blogger. And above all, a Great Friend with a Pure Soul. It’s a privilege to be nominated by a person like him for such a Super Sweet Blog Award. Thanks Michael for honouring me with this sweet gesture. Let’s make this world… SWEET! 🙂 To read his inspirational articles, kindly visit here.

So, after some sunshine, it’s time to make this world a sweeter place to be… not just through words or promises, but by touching every soul. Sweetness defies gravity and even a heavy burden of life vanishes under its charm. And thus it has been during my journey though the ‘blogosphere’… meeting so many sweet people, having a great time talking to them, sharing glimpses of me with them, and learning so much. Thank you to all! I shall end with Andy Rooney’s quote: “Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.” 😛

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